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In the 1980s, five San Antonians--Cricket, Danny, Dave, Harland, and TK--who had danced with straight clubs in the area, became aware of a strong square dance movement in gay communities across the nation. They started attending the national conventions and other events around the country. A couple from Baltimore's Chesapeake Squares--Lou and Don--who were moving to San Antonio, joined these five in an attempt to start gay/lesbian square dancing in south Texas.

As word of their efforts spread, dancers from clubs in Seattle, Portland, Albuquerque, and Denver joined in putting together a weekend's publicity push on June 16-17, 1990. Thanks to the efforts of these individuals, the Alamo City Wranglers celebrate 22 years of "friendship set to music" in 2012!

June 1990

Today, the Alamo City Wranglers is an inclusive, non-discriminating organization that provides a friendly, supportive, safe, and FUN dance experience. We dance to the standardized Callerlab programs, and practice all-position dancing where men and women are permitted--no, ENCOURAGED to dance whichever role they want.